I am Thankful for Jesus Christ, and the place He has taken in my life, I am thankful for the Opportunity to be here and serve the Lord. I am thankful for a wonderful family, wonderful friends, and I am thankful for my TJ Shropshire, he is a wonderful blessing to my life. On Thursday it was Thanksgiving, well… not for South Africa, but we celebrated anyway. We went to Durban and spent it with another missionary family, and then stayed the night there, it was very relaxing. We went Christmas Shopping in Gateway mall, the biggest mall in the Southern. I was able to get pretty much all my Christmas gifts. This is an interesting time because this is the first Christmas that I will spend away from home, and I am kind of sad about that, but also excited to see how another family does it, there are good opportunities that come with these experiences so I look at it as an adventure from the Lord, even in the midst of missing home. (If you can see me I am sitting on the bench with the girls in Gateway Mall)