Today is Friday, my day to go to Amangwe. last week there were only 9 children, and they didn’t know if the creche and Grade R (daycare/kindergarten) would be able to stay open, but this week there were 32 children, and more coming. I have been talking to one of the teachers there about the truth of God’s word, and she has many questions. Last week we started talking about God, and her desire to know Him more. She doesn’t want someones theology on God, she wants someone to tell her the truth, and show her where it’s found in the Bible. She told me last week, you show me the truth from the Bible so that I may believe, my heart jumped for joy. She has been heavy on my heart, and heavy in my prayers. God is in control of her heart, but He is using me in her life right now for His glory, I feel privileged to be a part.