Today has been a bit of a difficult day. I went to Amangwe Village. It started off a great morning, and then we got a call. Nqombille a five year old little girl that attended the creche died last night. You know how you just get attached to some kids? Well, that was Nqombi to me. As tears rolled down my face, I thought of her precious developing character and personality, I thought of her short life, and the fact that she most likely didn’t know Christ as her personal Savior. Today I am reminded of how short life is compared to eternity, and the importance of that perspective in every day life. If you knew someone was living their last day, would you tell them about Christ? And just think, if you wanted to, but you couldn’t because you didn’t know their language. If I wanted to tell Nqombi about Christ I couldn’t because I don’t know her language. So I want to remind you, don’t just live for the moment, but focus on pursuing God’s kingdom.