As you know, I have been doing a chronological teaching through the Bible (The Story of Hope) with my friend Buyi at Amangwe every Friday. Well yesterday we finished the book. As we have gone through this whole book, she has accepted it all to be true, and has applied it to herself. And by now I believe that she has put her faith in Christ, and Christ alone. The last question in the Story of Hope asks if you think your name is written in the lambs book of life? And she confidently answered yes. Even though I could see her walk with God growing just through this story of the Bible, it was exciting for me to hear her be sure of where she has put her hope. It all started with Buyi mentioning that she wasn’t sure about where she was in her spiritual life, and she just wanted someone to share the truth of the Bible, and that is what we have done for the past several weeks. God has truly worked in her heart, something no mere man can do. Who am I that God used me in her life to share truth with her? It is a privilege to be apart of God’s kingdom.
Yesterday Buyi told me she was sad because she thought that she would probably never see me again on this earth, but that we could look forward to when we get to heaven, because we will see each other again there.
Glory be to God!