In this past month a lot has happened. TJ suprised me, and has spent this month in our home. We are now engaged, and planning to get married in the fall. I have got the chance to hang out with my family, and spend time with my boy. I have been looking for a job, I think I have one, we will see for sure in the next few days.
This month has been emotional, discouraging, encouraging and exciting. Sometimes I feel a little out of sorts just coming back into the country. The past month I have not been making as much time to spend in God’s word, and seeking Him, and I have really regreted that. One of my goals for this summer is to get in God’s word every day no matter what that means. Nothing is worth getting in the way of my relationship with God, I find that when I am living without seeking God I make more fleshly decisions, because my mind is not being contunually changed by the word. So I encourage us all to continue to search out who God is and let ourselves be sponges, and soak Him up.
So what am I doing right now? Planning a wedding… I’m excited… 🙂