This past month has been a busy one. We have been planning, planning, planning, for the wedding that is coming up October 11th. It has been stressful at times but fun at the same time because my mom and I only get to do this once, and we are thoroughly enjoying it. I have not had a job this summer, but I feel like it is a blessing from the Lord that I don’t because I am getting to spend a lot more time with Mormor and my family every day, and I don’t take that for granted anymore. The house and the yard is continually being worked on. As you can see the before and after picture of the patio that is in our back yard. My dad is having alot of fun with the project of putting the back yard together with goals of finishing it before the wedding. The picture of me with the cake is for the Farrans because they gave me a huge baking Bible for my birthday, and I just cooked out of it for the 2nd time, so I’m documenting. The last picture is of one of the rooms that was added on to our house, we just bought a futon, and are all hanging out in the new room.
August 23rd I get to go to Michigan and Ohio to speak in a couple churches that supported me in my ministry in South Africa, so I am excited about that, and I get to see some old friends that I went to school with in Michigan. When I leave there I am headed to Florida to stay with TJ’s family for a week, then TJ and I will come back here to California to be here a month before the wedding, and those are my planns for the next couple of months. After we get married we are going to move to Florida, and work there for a year, I am going to get my (CNA) Certified Nursing Assistant certificate, and work in a medical situation for a while, and see if I like that, and then I might go on to do more nursing school. But eventually TJ and I are going to go on to the the second phase of the training with New Tribes Mission to be missionaries with them. As far as us that’s what our plans are, but a lot of times God has something else to show us, so we are open to what He has, and we will be searching Him out in everything, that is my desire anyway.