Wow, Wedding planning is a project, I must say. At the start of the whole wedding planning process, I thought to myself, wow I really don’t know what I’m doing, but as you go you just think of something else to do, and I think wow how did we get to this place of the wedding planning process??? I didn’t know what I was doing, yet the plans are coming together. The invitations are finally being sent out, thats what that humungo pile is… for those of you who receive an invitation, and are coming to the wedding or reception, TJ and I are registered at both

On a even more personal note, please pray for me that my focus will be on Jesus Christ, and HIS ultimate purpose for my life… to glorify Him. You know… things in this minute and in this world don’t matter as much as I feel like they do, I really get caught up in the here and now situations, when I have no idea that maybe the Holy Spirit is working on me, or doing something so amazing, and here I am probably trying to do all I can to mess it up, good thing God is in control. Jesus is my life and what I live for, and that is my ultimate desire, but I foget that sometimes, so I guess that’s what I want prayer for, I hope that makes sense… 🙂