I was in Florida for a week and a half spending alot of time with 11 of the Shropshire family eating Shropshire meals and deserts, having some family talks, and getting to know each other better. I got to see where TJ and I are going to live after we get married. I even sang with the worship team at the church TJ and I are going to attend. I met people that mean a lot to TJ. I think it was a good time for me to see things before I get there an know what to expect a litte more. I can look forward to certai things and prepare myself for things that might be difficult. But I believe that God has prepared me for this season of my life, and he will continue to prepare me for the next season of my life as well. Okay… so on our trip across the country we first took Elin (TJ’s younger sister) with us and drove to TJ’s older sister Leah and her husband Shannon’s house, we spent the night there, with them and their beautiful baby Ella, and we left Elin there. The next day we drove to Houston, Texas to stay with TJ’s Aunt Nancy and Uncle Tim, then we drove from Houston Texas to Las Crusas, New Mexico to stay with family friends, then we drove from there to Pheonix Arizona to stay with Patty and Jack du Mee, and on the fifth day we drove form Phoenix to Fresno California. It was a fun drive, and it didn’t feel to incredibly long because we had good compa