TJ and I have been working on our room for a while now, we painted it, and got new curtains, and some decorations for the walls. TJ just finished the bed frame for the bed that we bought from IKEA, so after 4 months of marriage, I finally got to put on our lovely new sheets, and comfortor, and decorative pillows… lets just say it was fun for me, and I am happy with the way our room is turning out. Saturday it was valentines day, TJ took me out to Sushi and swing dancing, and I had a sign made for Him, it something we say alot… “I love you all the way to the moon and back”. I hung it on our wall inbetween those two candle holders, and TJ walked in and out of the room about 10 times before he ever noticed it, so that was pretty humoring for me… hehe.