Last week TJ worked all week in West Florida, so I decided to take a trip to Destin Florida to visit my sister and brother in law, Leah and Shannon, and my niece Ella. I spent 4 nights there, and I really enjoyed getting to know Leah better. TJ has told me so much and speaks so highly of his older sister, I have been wanting to hang out with her, and my year and a half old niece… Ella. We sat around, talked, watched Ella entertain us, talked, went to the beach, Ella got scared of the water, went to tropical smoothie, talked, went to the fabric store, went to the grocery store, drove arouond while Ella slept, ate food, made Eclairs, ate Eclairs, then decided maybe we shouldn’t make them for a little while, seeing as they are a little fattening. Leah is a neat person, and I am glad I got the chance to get to know her better, and that Ella got to know her Aunt Lily a little better too! 🙂