This last weekend TJ and I traveled to Michigan for David and now Kristi Mize’s wedding. We arrived in Michigan Friday evening, TJ went to David’s bachelor party, and I hung out with a couple friends. The next morning we went to “B Z Beez” For breakfast with a couple friends, and played a couple games of Frisbee golf with a bunch of guys. Saturday night I helped put on a bachelorette party for Kristi, which turned out well, we had a hillarious time.

The next day TJ and I got to go to my church (Michigan Bible Center) and I got to say hi to lots of Friends at that church, it is a another home church for me, and I miss the people there desperatly, for all the people reading this that go there, it was so nice to see you.

Sunday afternoon at 4:00 was the wedding, it was beautiful, and TJ and I got to dance out little hearts out. My favorite moment of that evening was when TJ and I were dancing to a swing song, and it all of the sudden, stopped, and started into a techno song, so TJ and I continued to dance to it with swing steps, but much faster, and with much more attitude. We were the only ones ones on the dance floor, and when I realized everyone was watching us, I started messing up, but it was fun to dance with the love of my life.

Monday we went to a class and visited with friends, and staff. It was a nice to old friends, and church family.