Oh the things I’m experiencing.
I never really expected being pregnant to be so hard. I wake up every morning in a mad dash to get some food because if I don’t, my empty stomach may start purging… not fun.
After I eat some sort of something, usually a bowl of cereal… about half and hour later I have to eat something else or I will hurl my breakfast, and so on and so forth till early afternoon, then I have the urge to eat a really big meal so that it last me a really long time… maybe. But what will I eat??? I don’t know because as for now there is for that moment, there is really nothing I feel in the mood for, or it just sounds gross, and if I eat something I’m not in the mood for… It comes right back out… just what you want to be reading right?
Like my sister-in-law, Cherie says “it’s like someone hi-jacked my body, and won’t be giving it back for a while”
But yesterday I almost started crying when I realized there really was a live little child in right now… what a blessing.
At this moment it can be sort of hard to look past this becauseI don’t already have children of my own to see the outcome of all this, but I trust and have faith that it will be good.