The weeks are honesty flying by. Right now, this time is what I always imagined what being pregnant would be like, I am not experiencing tons of different side effects, and I am really enjoying just carrying my baby girl. I look down, and I see there is a belly with a little person inside, who reminds me that she’s there with her constant jabs. And there is the constant anticipation of what she will look like, and what she will act like. She will have her own personality, her own little attitude (I just know it!), and I pray all the time that she will want to serve God with her whole heart.
I am having fun fixing up her room, and washing and sorting the baby clothes people are giving me (her). This phase of pregnancy is going by really fast because I am loving it so much.
Because I am feeling better, I am also enjoying the time I have with TJ right now, knowing that soon someone will be taking up a lot of our time… 🙂