I am 3/4 the through this pregnancy, only 10 weeks left to go. I have been really enjoying just being pregnant, and my time with TJ, but this week especially TJ and I both are starting to get really anxious about our little girl, what she looks like, what she will be like. We basically just really want to see her! But… some more waiting we will do :).

I had another midwifery appointment this week, because I now go every other week, instead of just once a month, everything is so far so good.
Last night TJ was reading off the list of things that we are supposed to bring with us to the birth center when I’m in labor, and we are basically supposed to bring our whole house with us… and we thought, hmmm why don’t we just have our baby at home??? But then we decided we will stick with what we’ve got… 🙂 And if we decide to ever do that in the future we can make an educated decision.

We pray for our little girl almost every night, and we are thankful to God that she is growing so nicely. 🙂