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Last week TJ and I planned to go to the gulf coast, and relax for our birthdays/have some time together before our little girl comes. We spent the mornings having some much needed time with God, followed by breakfast, and then we headed to the beach till early afternoon which was always good to go in the perfect temperatured water on a warm day. We spent afternoons relaxing, and then went out for dinner every night except for one, we grilled some delicious steak for dinner… mmmmhhhmm… 🙂

I think we ate icecream or something like it every day, and plus I brought homemade choc chip cookie dough, to make cookies, and we did… and we ate them… lots of them.
All that to say we had such a wonderful, relaxing time, and I’m so glad we got the chance to go. I love my husband, I’m so glad God gave him to me… 🙂