It has been quite the week. This baby feels like she is growing like nobody’s business. I had an ultra sound on Thursday to check up on that “venous lake” they found in my 19 week ultra sound, and it was still there, and a little bit bigger, but that is only because the placenta is bigger, so it’s not a big deal. They said the baby weighs about 6 lbs and they actually think I’m due June 28th, instead of July 5th (I’m still going with July 5th, but we’ll see). It was fun to see her in there, she is much bigger, and I could tell she already has chubby cheeks… 🙂

On Saturday I had two different people offering me some different (large) baby items which I really needed, and that would normally cost me lots of money, so that is also a big blessing, God is providing… so good!

It was TJ’s 26th birthday on Thursday, so we had some friends over for dinner, and blueberry crisp. My 23rd was on Saturday, and on Sunday we had a big family meal at the Shropshire house for us that have birthdays this week, it was very nice, and I’m so thankful for my Shropshire family, they are amazing, and such a blessing from God.