My little Ava is 7 weeks old, and seems to be getting bigger every day. She weighs about 11 lbs now, so she’s gained about 4 lbs since she was born. She smells so good to me… 🙂 especially in the morning.
She has been sleeping at least 6 hours every night for the past week, which has been really nice, I’ve been feeling a bit more like a normal person.. 🙂
She is starting to smile, so maybe she will smile about twice a day right now, but every time, they are huge smiles, I can’t wait till she smiles all the time.

Every morning we have some fun time while laying on the changing table, she talks and looks around, and kicks her left leg (which is totally cute).
This morning as she was routinely having fun on the changing table (while not clothed), she stops everything she’s doing and just looks at me and I thought “Oh no she’s peeing” and sure enough I look down and there is a stream of pee coming out of her… moisturizing everything it’s touching… 🙂 Funny girl!