This past weekend, my brother Barry was able to come visit us here in Florida, it was kind of a surprise visit in that we only knew about it a couple weeks before he arrived, anyway, he’s the only brother that hadn’t been here yet… thank you so much to the wife and daughter who let him come for a whole 5 days… 🙂 Barry is a very thoughtful, and loving brother. He spent lots of time with Ava, making her smile, and “almost” laugh (that’s a big deal in my book). We spent time talking, and catching up, while drinking home made latte’s and eating Swedish pancakes. We went “yard sailing”, spent time with church friends, and played at the beach, while running into professional body builders for goodness sakes!
We went swimming, ate 10 different kinds of chili and pie, Barry and TJ went on an air boat ride, saw alligators, and hoped not to die. Anytime spent at home was wasted on eating sees, or playing a silly game called Settlers of Catan. And just when Barry realized how much he loved his niece, it was time to hit the road again