So… this morning at 5 AM I wake up to the sound of my daughter having a conversation with herself, not only has she broken out of her swaddle, she’s kicking off the blanket that covers her bassinet, it was hilarious to see the little foot sticking out of the bassinet.
Later on we went to help my sister in Law, Cherie with this food co-op she helps with.  Yet again Ava gets to hang out with her cousin Levi, they seem to be quite fascinated with each other, she just stares at him, while knawing on the arm that he just threw in her direction.  He stares at her for a time, then flails his arms in excitement hitting her face pretty much every time, this is my kind of entertainment these days. 

Lately I have arrived at dinner time, not having any inspiration as to what to make… I have started resorting to cooking sites.  Today we had “Zucchini and Ricotta Galette” from the Smitten Kitchen ,it was so very tasty and I will definitly be making it again!