On Sunday TJ and I got the opportunity to use the whole service to share with our church what we feel like God has called us to… Tribal missions!
We began with a video called Awayo and then explained the video a little bit.  We then shared our own stories of how God has worked in our lives, what we have learned, and how he has brought us to where we are now.
We explained our vision for our church, and how our ministry is their ministry, they will be sending us out to do the work of the Lord.  We talked about the different ways we see them supporting us,  I am praying that people will have a burden to pray for us.  We talked about what it means to support us financially and what kind of burden it is, in a good, but hard way.  We talked about the bonds we have with our church, spiritually, physically, and emotionally, and how they can encourage us in our walk with God and in our ministry, and just to be there for us in hard and good times.
At the end we had an interactive presentation of what all the NTM jobs are and how they work together to actually get the gospel to the tribal people.  We don’t know exactly what we are going to be doing, but we know that there are many needs, and we want to serve where God wants us.
We went way late, but I think it was worth it, and now they know who we are and what our future plans are.
They seemed pretty gung-ho.  It was kind of crazy, after doing the service Sunday, it just feels so real, like it’s actually going to happen.  Sometimes I feel like doubting God, because things are not going like we originally planned, and it is already taking longer than I thought.  God is so good, and knows what our needs are and what He wants to accomplish in us… so now we continue to trust God in where he has us and where He is taking us!

If you would like to watch or listen to the Service TJ and I did last Sunday, click here:
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