Ava is 6 months today… half a year!  Way to go girl, she is growing like crazy, and oh how I enjoy her.  She is so amazing to watch, the things she learns every day.  She is starting to sit up now just in the past week,  Just last night she found the sound “B” so she has been experimenting with different sounds, it is SOoooo cute!
She is just growing out of 3-6 month clothes and is moving on to 6-9 month clothing.  Her feet are so long that even 6-9 month shoes are too small for her.  She likes toys a lot more now, because she can actually hold on to things.  She is grabbing things constantly now, so if your holding her on your lap while eating, you better watch out or she’ll have your plate.. 🙂
She has only grown a little more hair, but you can hardly tell because it’s so fine and blond.
She is still sleeping through the night, but has been putting herself to bed earlier, closer to 8, and has been waking up closer to 5 or 6 instead of 6 or 7, but she usually goes back to sleep for a while after that.

 We are leaving for California in a couple of days to have Christmas with my family… I’m so excited because Ava gets to meet her little cousins who were born this year as well. 

Happy 6 months Ava Lorraine!!!

Also we’ve been pretty involved with our youth, if you want to check out our youth blog its: