Ava joining us in the kitchen
Hello Ava!  =)

Here we are… crawling all over the house

Never leave the house w/o a bow:  gender mistake prevention!

Finally!  Enjoying avocado (w/ banana, yogurt, apple juice)

my new nephew Django (pronounced Jango) he’s the cutest!

Sooooo…  some new things have come about in our house hold.  Ava is full on crawling, she goes wherever she wants.  She feels sad when she’s not in our close company… and so, she follows us wherever we go.  In the top pictures we were finishing dinner, washing dishes and such, so Ava felt the need come join, it was such a new idea that Ava could actually follow us, but nice to know she’s a little more mobile.  The most recent excitement for me is Ava crawling towards me, and in her whimpering voice saying “Mama, Mama!” it is becoming clearer every day… love that girl, even if she’s whining =).  Now if you can just imagine the other things that are changing as well, she can find ANYTHING to put in her mouth!  My floors are tendeing to be consistently cleaner these days, vacuumed, swept, mopped, etc. 
TJ, Ava, and I have all been kind of sick lately… Ava started it 😉 but really she did.  TJ ended up with a sinus infection, me with an ear infection, and we’ve all been coughing… ugh, I’m waiting for it to end! 

Last weekend my sister in law Leah Cherry (TJ’s older sister) gave birth to her little baby boy, Django Robert Cherry, and I don’t mean to be biased (well maybe I do), but he’s the cutest newborn boy I’ve ever seen.  I had the pleasure of helping and witnessing her birth… it was an honor.  Leah was there for my whole labor and birth as well, so I would say that Leah and I have definitely crossed the threshold of each other’s personal boundaries.  =)  Leah and Django are home now, and doing well.