my baby shaking her head “NO” at me

crazy girl

It is getting really warm here in Florida, I actually don’t mind though, the humidity gives me good skin, but frizzy uncooperative hair.. you give some, you take some.

In our small group we had an assignment (you could say it’s on-going), but it just started, and we have to ask either unbelievers we interact with every day, or random people what they think of hell, if they believe it’s a real place or not.  I went to the local grocery store, and talked with this man right outside Winn Dixie, I thought he was homeless, he was suggesting he wasn’t, but I wasn’t going to say different, it didn’t really matter, and I didn’t want to offend him… anyway, not the point.  We talked for a while about spiritual things.  He doesn’t believe Jesus is God because this world isn’t perfect, so how could Jesus have lived here, and been perfect.  He thinks he’s going to heaven because he hasn’t done very many bad things, so we went through some of the ten commandments, but he believed he had only broken each one about one time, and that it was okay to sin a little bit.  I talked about God’s perfection, and how we are all damned to hell if we sin one time, doesn’t matter how BIG or small the sin is, but that God was gracious enough to die for us, so we didn’t have to spend eternity in Hell… I shared the gospel with him a couple different ways, he didn’t seem to want to truly listen…. BUT… I see him all the time, I want to visit him more, and talk more.  He told me a lot of his life story, so I know some of where he is coming from, like my friend said the other day, he’s like a walking dead man, it’s sad, but the cool thing is I have the good news, and he speaks my language, so I have the ability to talk with him about who God is… praise the Lord!