Peach Salsa

I recently made my own recipe of peach salsa, I had to be a little creative because TJ doesn’t like peppers or cilantro.  So fresh and delicious, I will definitely be making this again
a couple tomatoes fresh from the garden
a couple nice big delicious peaches
 Fresh Basil from your garden
green onions (good because their not as strong as regular onions, but still gives it that flavor)
red wine vinegar (I suppose you could use another kind)
palm sugar (alternative natural sugar)

hang’n out in the basket

Ava has a mommy’s shoe fetish

 Ava’s been doing this thing where she puts my shoes… well any shoes actually on her arms and crawls around the house, thinking it’s the best thing, and why isn’t everyone else doing it?  It’s quite entertaining.  She also feels the need to clear out some of the toys in her basket, and get right in it, she seems to get the best view from there or something… not sure. 
Ava has been having the desire to walk everywhere… not by herself, but holding on to our hands, but she LOVES it, and wines if we stop.  She has been eating pretty much everything we eat lately, and seems to be really enjoying that.  She still eats mommy’s milk, but I’ve been supplementing with organic formula and cows milk.  She’ll drink out of sippy cups, but they are not her favorite, I have discovered that she really loves straws, so I bought her a sippy cup with a straw, and she seems to drink much more readily.

This week is VBS for us so we are busy every night hang out with church people and little kids, it seems as though it’s a 2 to 1 ratio between helpers and kids, but hey, that’s ok… were dedicated right?  🙂 

TJ and I are going to start having people from our church in our house for a meal at least once a week.  Because we are going to be missionaries sent from this church, we would really like to get to know people in our church better than we already do, so that when they talk about TJ and Lily on the mission field or preparing in Missouri at the training center, they will know us, and what we’re doing, and be more able to encourage and pray for us.  So if you attend our church and are reading this… expect to come over to our house for a meal or 2 (or more) in the next few months… 🙂