So… since TJ sold his bike a few months back, we have been operating with just one car, and his parent’s truck a few times a week.  So Ava and I took TJ to work this morning, and decided to go for a little shopping jont… it always seems to be more pleasant in the morning.  Apparently Aldi doesn’t open until 9:00 am … How lame is that?!  So we went to Walmart.  Ava has become more difficult to shop with, she just wants to get out of the cart or sit in dangerous positions, but today I found that if I kept her entertained enough she liked laying down… as long as she’s happy I’m good with it!  🙂 

On another note TJ’s sister Kelly’s wedding is this Saturday, and family is going to be staying with us, we have been busy cleaning rooms that don’t get used very often, particularly one that turns into our junk room ie. Christmas presents, clothes we are giving away, old stuff Ava isn’t using anymore, you get the point, it collects… but this kind of thing always gives us a chance to sort through our junk.  We are excited to be apart of Kelly’s big day, TJ is playing guitar, and Ava is a flower girl, so… hopefully we can get some pictures, and share with you soon.  🙂