reading together one last time

Such a cutie!

Silas loves his mama!

Happy Boy!

Leaving Florida

Bye bye  🙁

Letting out a little cry

Ava wasn’t feeling well today (or yesterday)


So… Del and Arielle LEFT!!!  :-(((  I could say that I am really enjoying my quiet house which I’m not going to lie, I am BUT.  I really miss them!  Ava always having a little buddy to play with, and people to hang out with, there was constant relationship building… I think I’m a people person!  Even though I am sad they are gone, I really am excited about them beginning their life in Africa and to see how God grows them, and uses them there.  Tuesday morning came,  Ava and I said our goodbyes… they left, I  then came inside, sat down and just cried for a while.  I am not sure when I will see them and their beautiful children again. 
The day they left was also the beginning of my adventures of taking care of two little ones all on my own, on my first day of this Ava had a temperature of 103.7… AAaaaahh!  So that has made for a clingy, needy toddler who has a new baby sister in need of care as well.  We have managed to get through the past couple days, I think I can do this!  God give me grace!  🙂
There is a picture of Ava with a cut on her forehead.  Well Sunday morning, TJ, holding Penny was about to walk down the hall when Ava stepped right in front of him, tripped and fell right in to the corner of the wall, he instantly set Penny on the floor, and picked up Ava, I quickly transferred Penny to a more comfortable location to then assist TJ with whatever he needed.  He didn’t help my emotional state by saying “oh man… that’s a lot of blood”  I looked at her head and saw a stream of blood flowing down my little girls face, I quickly pulled it together after freaking out for a few seconds and got some ice to stop the bleeding.  It was a nice gouge, but not as bad as we thought.  TJ said it was small enough to superglue together… so we held Ava down 🙁 (after some much needed comforting) and superglued her head together, and let it dry for 30 seconds, after much opposition we got the job done.  So if you were wondering what that cut on my baby’s head is… now you know!
poor girl’s got a dent in her forehead