I have stories!
Ava has never embarrassed me in this way before, so I figure this is the time to document it.  We went to Costco on Saturday as a family, they are only located in Orlando which is a 50 min drive for us, so we took a family trip to do a couple things including going to Costco.  After we got a large cart of goodies, we are standing in the checkout line, meanwhile Ava is walking and right next to us is a larger lady wearing shorts, Ava just sort of touched her legs with her hands.  I felt bad that Ava accidentally touched this lady’s legs, but then Ava took a step towards her once again and gently grabbed the fat on her legs… OH MY WORD!  I realize Ava thinks the fat on her legs looks kind of interesting and so she is investigating to see what this stuff really is, as I lean down to pick Ava up I start laughing, and quickly stop myself, and as I pick her up she is still looking down staring at the lady’s legs while I tell Ava to “say hi to the nice lady” and “sorry about that :/”  I quickly walk away while TJ finishes up.
  I wish I could say it was over, but as we were on our way out with our very heavy car we are approaching  the very long line of people and their carts getting their receipts checked before they leave the store… Ava is very tired, and giving TJ a hard time, and I’m dealing with Penny because I just took her out of my wrap, as I look up I see that our cart is rolling towards this woman’s large booty (no condemnation here, it’s just the facts), I yell “TJaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!”  but it was too late, the cart had run right into her bum, we both wanted to die right there, we felt really bad, TJ said “sorry… Kids!”  I don’t know if that was the right thing to say, but she definitely scowled at us, and quickly moved to the other line, I suppose I would probably do the same thing…maybe.
That’s all folks