Penny turned 5 months on the first of August.  I love her more and more every day, I can’t get over what gifts my children are to me.  Penny LOVES to smile, she makes everyone feel special by smiling and laughing at anyone who tries just a little bit, it’s fun to watch, I hope that she continues that trait later on in life.  I can’t lay her on her back anymore without instantly turning over to her tummy, her teeth seem to be bothering her a little because she always wants to chew on something, blanket material seems to be the preferred thing.  She pulls both her feet up to her mouth to suck on her toes, she loves to be diaper-less, she is almost crawling… I guess I would call it   scooting around.  When we went to Arizona, she turned into a little celebrity, everyone wanted to hold her at one time or another.  I also love to watch Penny and Ava interact, Ava doesn’t want to ever leave Penny out, when we are praying at the dinner table and Penny is in her jumperoo next to us, Ava says “Penny Pray TOO!” so we stop and hold Penny’s hands as well, then when we’re finished, Ava says “Amen PENNY!”  When we’re all leaving the house and TJ is taking Ava out the door, she says “Coming mommy… coming Penny”  She wants to make sure we are coming as well.  Just today Ava grabbed my face looked me in the eye and serveral times said “I love you mommy”  She melts my heart… love my girls!