Yesterday TJ and I had a desire to eat some delicious donuts, so we found a sourdough donut recipe that I could use some of my starter with, they were more like cake donuts than light and fluffy but still very delicious!  TJ made us americano’s and we all enjoyed our delicious donuts.  Ava couldn’t keep her hands off them, she just kept reaching farther and farther, I couldn’t figure out how she was reaching all the way across the table, crazy girl!  But when she got her donuts all she really wanted was the chocolate, funny girl.

Ava has been sick since Friday morning, and still seems to be running a fever  🙁  I never liked it when she was sick, but it’s even harder now because I have to miss class.  They do have the audio for the class streaming throughout campus so on Friday I just listened as much as I could, but there are a lot of group activities and things that make it difficult, but you do what you can right?  Being a mom is my first priority.  Today is Sunday and we really wanted to try this little church that someone told us about, but TJ and Ava are not feeling well, so boo :(… next week I guess.  Choosing a church and getting involved is part of the criteria of being here… the pressure is on, so we’re bummed we can’t do that this week.

We had our first day of Class on Thursday, and it was fun to finally get out of orientation and into some actual class time.  One of our assignments was reading a book this weekend called “The way they learn”  It’s a book on different learning styles, and basically shows HOW each of us is different… how our minds work, and how we can operate better together in different learning environments.