Penny was 8 months on the 1st, and so I needed to document it  :)!  Yesterday Penny crawled from the living room to the kitchen, which is the first time she’s crawled that far, so officially she can crawl everywhere.

I need to share a couple things that Ava has said recently that totally cracked me up.  I was in the living room and she was in her room as I asked her “Where is your blanket Ava?”  She said (with quite the inflection)  “I have no. Iiiideeea”  it’s funny the things that come out of her mouth.  Another time she was going potty in the bathroom, I hear a “thud” and ask “what are you doing Ava?”  She opens the bathroom door just enough for me to see one eye and her lips, she says to me “NO worrrrrieeees momeeeee!”  I can’t help but laugh, and wonder where she gets these terms.  I know it’s probably from us, but I guess she just stores them up and randomly says them.

This morning we went to a baby shower, the mother-to-be is opening presents and she gets to a super cute outfit, everyone is saying “that is so adorable”  and of course Ava chimes in (and in her cute small voice) “that’s so Adoooorable”.  Sometimes I feel impressed with her, she will feel frustrated about waiting for something, whether it be changing her diaper or as she’s sitting in her chair waiting for her egg to be cooked, she will say (to herself) “be patient” which means she’s actually applying the principles we are attempting to teach her…  which is so encouraging!

That’s pretty much it, just wanted to update you a little bit, and tell you how much I absolutely love my girls, and am so grateful God has entrusted me with them.