There are so many things going on!  We recently finished our Missionary Tech class. I’m not going to say it was my favorite class; it was a lot more up TJ’s alley if you know what I mean. I was exposed to a lot of things that I haven’t been exposed to before and that was definitely beneficial, but I’m probably not going to remember all the facts about how to set up my solar panels:) However, I did learn how to solder and feel like I could do that again confidently and by myself if I needed to… so Yaaaay, there’s an accomplishment!  🙂  We recently started our field health class, which has been really practical and informative. We also learned that there are several different kinds of worms we can get, so that means, wash your fruit and wear shoes! Also that the malaria mosquito only shows her face from 5 pm to 5 am, but not to worry there are many other mosquitos that can infect people with other diseases all through out the day… yipeeeee!
Since Ava and I didn’t get a chance to make Christmas cookies, for Valentine’s Day this year I decided to decorate hearts with her. I resigned myself to letting her make a mess and do whatever she wanted to with the cookies and frosting (except for pouring the whole container of sprinkles onto the cookie, although now that I’m thinking of, it that DID happen… Oh well!  🙂 It was a great time and a wonderful memory.
We have been very busy with school and have been loving church! TJ is still leading worship at Graceland church every Sunday and also plays every 3 weeks in Chapel here on campus.  Through our church we started attending a small group on Wednesday nights, which I love.  TJ wasn’t sure about adding one more thing to the list of things to do, but it has been a real blessing to me and something I really look forward to every week.  We also started going through The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus by John Cross with some new friends of ours and are LOVING that! We eat dinner with them and then do the study together. They have 2 young girls about our daughters’ ages so we really look forward to that meeting every week as well!

We are still praying a lot about what country to serve in and we have some ideas in mind, but are not able to share right now. If you could be praying that God would clearly lead us in this area we would be so grateful!
My good friend Valerie duMee is getting married in April and our family will be heading out to Arizona to attend the wedding. I am honored to be in the wedding and am so excited to see her and her man start their new married life together!

soldering in our Technology lab class... woop woop :)

soldering in our Technology lab class… woop woop 🙂


Someone’s attached to my leg as you can see


someone approves 🙂


decorating cookies


TJ says he never wants a sugar cookie again