This summer has been so busy, but good busy!   We’ve been able to spend time with so many different people and building relationships with the body of Christ, and with those God has in mind to be a part of our ministry.  This past week we spent the week with our good friends “The Doughty’s”  We decided to make this a vacation week, and not set up any meals/visits with people, we just chilled.  But because I’m PREGNANT… I haven’t been feeling very well, so it was the perfect week to just chill and remember all the remedies I do for this sickly pregnancy thing that happens.  So ya… I’m 8 weeks pregnant and due March 7th.  We are really excited and look forward to meeting this little one when he/she arrives.

We’ve been staying here at the beach for a week and the other night we went down by the water and had the chance to witness a turtle come out of the ocean, dig a hole and lay her hundred eggs, cover the hole back up and slowly but surely make her way back  to the water.  It was such an awesome thing to see, I just felt like God let me in on his creation and seeing more of his character and creativity and beauty.  If the turtle is bothered too much when she comes out of the water, she will just go back in the ocean and it is dangerous for her to do that when she really needs to lay her eggs.  Once She treks up the sandy land (which she only does once a year), and has dug her hole and is actually laying the eggs, she won’t stop when you come up to her.  So while she was laying her eggs we actually shined lite sort of under her and watched her lay all her eggs.  It took her a little while to cover up the eggs in the sand when she was done, but she was careful to do it right.  She was so tired, but made her way back to the ocean.

I think it was cool watching and seeing how God procreates through turtles at the same time that a little one is growing inside of me right now!

Next week we are going up to Maryland for a friends wedding and also seeing different people on the way there and on the way back.  God has been so gracious to provide the money to go, and we are so encouraged, by all the people that have committed to supporting us.  It’s a reminder that this is His ministry that we get to be a part of, and he has a part for everyone to play.  His plan unfolds before our eyes day by day.

Watching a turtle lay her eggs

Watching a turtle lay her eggs


Baby #3  :)

Baby #3 🙂