I’ve been meaning to write for some time now… so here I am now writing. This summer was such a whirl wind. We saw so many people, got to share our heart and vision for our ministry with about 50-60 families. I’m excited about the way God has answered our prayers in burdening people specifically for our ministry… for his ministry. We had to say goodbye to a Sovereign Grace Church for the semester which was hard, seeing how we were just getting involved, and just beginning to develop new relationships there. Toward the end of the summer I was feeling very sick because of the pregnancy which made it hard to do a lot of extra things. But we managed to drive to Maryland and back, clean up the house we’ve been staying in and head back to the Missionary Training Center here in Missouri… And start classes the next day!


On our way back from Florida to Missouri, we stopped in Georgia to stay with some friends, and speak in their church. It was an awesome little church, and as TJ shared, right before our eyes we watched the whole church congregation of probably 30 people feel burdened for our ministry, and wanted to know how they could be involved with us. The church ended up sending us off with a large check, and saying they wanted to be as involved with us as they could. I was in awe at how God works in people when he wants to and sometimes really fast! It was such an encouragement for us, and reminder that what we’re doing is something God has called us to do. He will provide, and He will also complete his work through us if we are faithful. I am truly so excited to be a part of God’s work and a part of reaching a people group in Africa that needs the truth!


We’ve started classes. In fact we’ve already finished our phonemics and literacy class. Just today we are starting a (CLA) Culture Language Acquisition Practicum, there is a whole village set up in our class room and there are going to be characters from the village we can talk to and learn from daily. we are going to be studying a language and culture in our own class room, I’m excited to see how it plays out and what we end up learning.


On another note, it has been hard to come back to school and not have any really close friends. My precious friend Elise left here at the end of last semester and so she is not here any more :/. I realized how much I value friendship, I usually just make a couple really good friends. There were only a couple in high school, and a very select few in Bible School, I only had a couple good friends in Florida, and the people I have grown close to here in Missouri seem to be dissipating, I feel a little lost and alone, and missing that closeness, and at the same time afraid to make new friends knowing I am going to be leaving in December and will have to say goodbye once again. With the life style God has for us We will say goodbye to pretty much all our good friends, and maybe not spend substantial time with them until we are in heaven.