What a good message we had in church this week!!
It was about Jesus and the 3 main points were:
“GOD with us”
“God WITH us”
“God with US”
Pastor Tim hit the hammer on the head as he brought to us the seriousness of what it meant to have Jesus in our midst.

He went over the tabernacle in the dessert with the Israelites and how God would meet them in “the tent of meeting”. And how everyone watched closely as Moses went in, because when he met with God a great cloud hovered over the tabernacle as the presence of God rested there.

When God came to us, he wasn’t just coming in a cloud on the tabernacle, he was coming to live among us.
God wants a relationship with his people!

The fact is that the creator of the universe came in human flesh.
God had more in mind than to amaze us, He Had more in mind than to dwell with is.
He came to save us!!

His ultimate goal was to wow us by saving us from our sin. The reason he came was to dwell among us to die, and so that we might know him.

Israel was completely undeserving of God’s presence, as well as we are and yet he came because he Loves us!

He lived perfectly without sin, and then gave us HIS righteousness!!

I am leaving a lot out but I want to point out where God continues to burden my heart.

We sang in worshipful song at different points during the sermon, and I was hit hard with some thoughts during all that!
This news, not everyone has it, God has asked us to go to people who don’t know his message!
We hear Jesus’s name almost daily and these people havn’t even heard his name one time!!

My thought is… what are YOU going to do about that? How are you involved in reaching people who don’t know him and who don’t experience his presence the way that you do?

As we sit in church this morning and praise God for his glory and for what he has done, and experience the presence of God right here right now, I want to remember this powerful moment, as we are in the depths in Africa preparing for ministry or experiencing difficulty, I want to remember WHY we are doing this, it’s because these people have yet to experience the presence and relationship with the living God as we have. This alone should motivate us to find out what our role is in reaching those people who have yet to hear!!

In the middle of worshipping God my heart cannot help but pound with pain because of those who do not know him!!

God please have mercy on those who have yet to hear your name!!