This week has been different because TJ has been working with Del on their car while they are here this week.  We have been getting to see Del and Arielle and family which has been really fun, but a little but hard to because our days are not as scheduled as nicely :-/

Today the girls and I got the chance to go to our host family’s house for a visit, we did it African style and didn’t call first… just went.  At first I thought they weren’t home because the door was locked, but they were home, my host mom came down and opened the door for me.  I never know exactly what to expect when I go over there, but today I got the chance to tell her in french (well it’s always in french) some of our story, and how God lead us, how he spoke, and how we followed, I shared with here some difficult things that happened with our church in the past, how God lead us and provided for us.  It felt significant today that I could share in such detail in French things that God has done in our lives and how he has lead us here.

She then shared with me a really good friend of theirs who started a medical clinic here and how much he had impacted their family.  Apparently he speaks 6 languages including wolof (prominently spoken here), when he would see patients, he would never fail to pray with them.  He loved Africans, and had compassion for others like they had never seen, this family left a long time ago and people are still crying about it.  Their had a huge impact on the community.  He would answer anyone’s call anytime, and he always had time for people no matter when it was.  He always shared what he was thinking, and lived the way he talked.

The story of this man caused me to stop and re-evaluate our own lives here.  Am I living to the fullest here, am I making the effort to stop and talk with people… am I loving the people that are around me, the people that come in my home on a regular basis?  It made me realize how much  I think about myself and my own needs.  Sometimes I think I put the blindfold on myself, I forget to consider how I can reach out to those around me, how I can love further.  I feel encouraged to continue pressing on, to continue investing, to continue listening to God and following him.  God is able to do such great things.  I pray that he can use me, in my home and surrounding where ever we are.

Doing laundry and enjoying the sun

Doing laundry and enjoying the sun

We got a package from a small group in a church... such a fun treat!!

We got a package from a small group in a church… such a fun treat!!