I had a South African Christmas this year, it was hot, yet delightful. We opened our Stockings on Christmas Eve morning, and our presents that night. I felt a part of the family, we had a blast!!!

I got Heather a Kitchen scale because here they measure everything, and we hardly know what to do with out a scale.

Emily and Abby were also very excited about Christmas, they got lots of presents from grandparents and different people from the states, so they were a bit spoiled this year.

On Christmas Eve I got to cook all day it was fun, and I was definitely in my element and felt right at home. Heather likes it when I cook.

I also got packages from my family, so that was nice, I even got to open some of them on Skype on the web camera for them so they even got to watch me open the presents they got for me. It was a blessing!