God is at work in me.
As I look around, and am experiencing different things, God is revealing to me the depravity of man. Man’s sinful behavior is disgusting. It hurts God to see what He has created sin against Him. Our sin hurts God, no matter what kind of sin it is. My purpose here is to glorify God, to please Him. He loved me first, He Gave his son for me, He has the same love for me that He has for His son, it is equal love… I can’t even fathom that. This is why I choose to follow Christ, not because I first loved Him, but because He first loved me. I see how my sin hurts God. Why do we choose to do things when the outcome does not glorify Him. In everything I do, I desire to glorify my Heavenly Father. This desire comes from Christ’s life being produced in me. Without Christ I am nothing. Within myself there is nothing good I can do, but by the grace of God through the Holy Spirit’s work in my life is it at all possible to please God.