TJ and I sadly left my home in California to go on our trip across the country back to Florida. We had an interesting. It started with crying my eyes out as we left my home then going to Las Vegas… the sin city. We didn’t enjoy it very much. The next day I got sick and through up, by the end of the day we ended up right outside the Grand Canyon where we camped in 8 degree wheather, while being miserable and throwing up more, The next day we took a little trip to the Grand Canyon and on. We stood on Four corners, and stopped at the Colorado River. We drove rthrough the Rockys and stayed with some of TJ’s really good family friends… (that was refreshing). The next day we ended up at my brother Del and his wife REL’s house (at the MTC) in Missouri, where we also got to see a lot of real good friends. That was amazing. And the next two days were pretty much traving home to Florida. Now we have been trying to put things away, we are having fun making our home ours… 🙂