TJ and I got to to on a cruise for a week stopping on various Islands and viewing the area.In Honduras we rode a scooter around the Island of Roatan, and played soccer with some Honduran kids while it was raining. Our day in Belize consisted of encouraging a homeless Belizian in His faith in God, and questioned him in what he was really doing with his life. In Cuzumel, Mexico we also got a scooter and rode it around the whole Island, we ate by the water , and swam in the clear blue water. We brought lots of fancy clothes and had fancy dinners on the ship almost every night… which was fun. The good and bad thing about the ship was that I could have soft serve chocolate ice cream whenever I wanted.
As far as right now, TJ and I are enjoying living in our house together,.. being married. I am getting acclimated to Florida and am pursuing a job as a receptionist for a couple doctors offices, and I am trying to get my CNA (certified nursing assistant).
I am enjoying having a little more time to spend with my Heavenly Father, I am working on bringing everything before Him, understanding that when I try to work everything out on my own, I just have a bad attitude. I really do need Jesus.
I put an update on our new house soon.