Wow, Ava is 13 days old and, I’m experiencing the life of a new momma. I have been ordered to be off my feet so that I can heal completely, which has been driving me crazy, because there are so many things I JUST WANT TO DO! But duty calls… lay on the couch.

And the “baby blues”… I always just assumed I would never have a problem with that because… How exciting! I just had a little baby, why would I ever feel down?

The other night I had an emotional break down, I was overwhelmed with the fact that this little human being is completely dependent on me, she can hardly go an hour without me. I am her source of food, basically her source of life. I can’t clean my own house, or cook my own meals, or organize my room, I miss my sleep, I miss my mom, I miss being outside, not working out, I miss just being with people… and… I just had a baby, and have all sorts of hormones running through my body to make me more emotional than I have ever been in my whole entire life…
After a good long cry, and spilling my guts to TJ, we talked, prayed together, and I felt much better. God is the sustainer of our lives, and I am honored to be his child.

Most of these things that are driving me crazy will be diminished once I am healed completely, and for the other’s I will get used to them, and adapt, and will be happy to sacrifice for this little life… I Love her!

TJ and I have a wonderful support team… our church! Our church family has been bringing TJ and I meals every night now for a week and a half, which has been a huge blessing, and people keep bringing baby gifts by, which has also been great because there was more things we needed. I am so thankful for the way God provides, and for the way he blesses us through our brothers and sisters in Christ.

My sister in law Leah gave me this wrap, and I’m still figuring out how to use it… 🙂

Little Ava is doing sooo good! Eating good, sleeping good, and looking as cute as can be!