My parents came to visit 2 days after my due date, July 7th. My dad left on Wednesday, and my mom is still here for a few days. We have just been spending time together, and with the new baby girl. Sunday we got to go sailing with our good friend Dave, my parents, and TJ’s parents, we also brought baby Ava which was quite the
little adventure. It was stormy out, so it rained some, and Ava was fussy for part of the time, so I stayed in with her and got a little sea sick, but over all it was a really nice time, and a memorable experience.

My mom has been so much help with Ava and cleaning the house and such. She has taken Ava while I nap, and has been cleaning my kitchen nonstop, it will be different when she leaves… 🙂 It will be sad to see her go, but we are so glad she could take the extra time out of her schedule to spend with our little family.