We have made some progress this week. Ava and I have started walking and have gone almost every day this week. I am finally healed enough to do so… 🙂 Praise God!
I also went and got a pedicure because my Auntie Suzie sent me money to pamper myself after having Ava. My sister in law Cherie, and I went, we both had our babies on our laps the whole time, and they were so cooperative, it was amazing, I definitely felt pampered, thank you Auntie Suzie! I have also been able to cook and clean more which is so satisfying. Ava and I have lots of fun playing together, she smiled so much more now, I feel like she is actually interacting with me… 🙂
Also! I just found out my brother Barry is going to visit me in a couple weekends, I am absolutely stoked about this! Can’t wait.

Concerning our church, God seems to be working there, we are doing different kinds of services the month of September, and anyone who is unsaved will definitely have the opportunity to make a decision for Christ, so I’m excited to see what God does in our church.