This week all the Shropshire’s have been in Texas attending a family reunion. TJ and I would love to have been there, but it just didn’t work out this time… 🙁
So we decided to have our own family reunion time with Leah and Shannon, and Ella Cherry (TJ’s sister her husband, and our niece) Ella loves to touch things, especially babies, including her cousin Ava, so we have to keep a close watch on her.. 🙂 But it can be precious.
She pronounces Ava “Aya”. She likes to take things out of the diaper bag, because they are just plain interesting. When changing Ava’s diaper, I can never get away without some special Help from Ella… you know, touches to the face or carrying items that I may need away. She always throws the diaper away for me… thank you Ella! In Ella’s already young voice she speaks in her “baby voice” to Ava as if now Ava is going to understand (She only gets it from us… how sad) And every time Ava cries or wines, Ella goes “AAaaaaAAAWWWWwwww”
I think Ella loves her cousin Ava, and how thankful I am for that!