Sooo… TJ is going to sell his bike.  There are many reasons that he is selling it, I like to think it’s because I don’t want my husband to die from a motorcycle crash (it’s not him I don’t trust it’s he people around him), or end up in a wheel chair.  It has caused many arguments, and you could say I’m looking forward to it’s departure.  We fought about that motorcycle yesterday morning, and then the whole day was just hard, but TJ is so gracious to me, and treats me so much better than I deserve.  He took the time to get the bike ready to sell last night (we’ve been meaning to sell it for a few months now).  We washed it, and did some things to it last night, and it is up on craig’s list today.
Before we said our last goodbyes to the Honda XR650L, TJ really wanted to take Ava for a ride, so he drove her down our street and back,  I was a little reluctnant of coarse,  being her mother and all, but TJ took that much needed ride with his daughter and she seemed to enjoy it.  🙂