Brooke and Jesse
Julie Vanlandingham

There are a few pics that I left out from our time in California that I really wanted to include.  The picture at the top is Brooke and Jesse Farnsworth, I don’t know Jesse that well yet (getting to know him better), but Brooke and I have been friends since we were 3.  They came over, and had breakfast for dinner with us, we played Settlers of Catan and had a blast hanging out and visiting.

The last weekend our whole family went to our cabin in Shaver, sadly Barry, Helen and Bella had to go home early because they were sick, but otherwise it was a good end to our trip.  Ava saw snow for the first time, you could say she was indifferent.  🙂
My friend Julie Vanlandingham also came to visit us while we were at the cabin and I had a nice visit with her.  She is getting married in April which is why I will be coming back to California for a short visit.