It’s the middle of the night and my baby has her first temperature, I knew that at some point this moment would come, I just didn’t realize how freaked out inside will I really feel, will she be ok if we all go back to sleep? Should I do something now, or wait till morning?  Should I trust my thermometer?  Well honestly it’s kind of crappy, but what am I really going to do about it right now?  TJ says pray and go back to sleep, that’s all we can do right now, and watch her closely, until tomorrow… He acts so sane, that crazy man, this is my baby girl we are talking about!!!
Anyway, now that we got that out of the way, I am going to attempt to go back to bed, with my precious baby right here next to me… Pray for her!

a few hours later
her fever is gone!

fever still gone and sleeping soundly.

Thank you God!