So… I considered giving up on feeding Ava solids for a while, well I kind of did.  Anyway, we were with my sister in law Cherie the other day, and she fed Ava some gourmet oatmeal, blueberries, and yogurt all combined, and Ava was delighted, she LOVED it!  Then later that day, Cherie gave her some sweet potato with cinnamon, and apple juice in it, and she also loved that.  Soooo, I’m pretty sure she just doesn’t like the bland food I give her, I mean who would?  I completely understand!  I’m sorry Ava I will work at making your food more tasty and delicious.
Another bonus is that I started giving Ava a sippy cup with a soft mouth piece, and she actually drinks out of it which is amazing to me, because she would never drink out of a bottle… this could open up new horizens for me… 🙂