I love her smile!

Our Valentine for TJ (the pic) and his Valentine for Ava (the chewed up construction paper)

So I realize I posted tons of pictures, but it was hard to choose… 🙂
Ava turned 8 months on Valentines day.  For various reasons TJ and I kind of had a hard weekend (as far as getting along goes), but Valentines was a new day and a good one at that.  I’m so thankful for Ava, and it is so fun to watch her grow.  Her k9 (I’m not sure what their really called) teeth are growing in, one is already there, and the other one is almost poking out, but not quite.  She is showing symptoms of trying to crawl, but definitely not there yet.
One of Ava’s new sounds is “dada”  it’s a new sound, but I think she is learning that it’s her daddy’s name, so that’s been really fun for TJ.  🙂