Last Sunday TJ and I attended a Jewish festival mainly to see his sister’s (Harmony) Hebrew dance, but as we were walking around we found some interesting Jewish foods, one being chocolate dipped macaroons.  I soon realized… I can make my OWN!!!  So yesterday I whipped up some macaroons, and dipped them in chocolate.  I boiled water in a pan, and had this glass bowl over it cooking about 2 cups of chocolate chips, about 4 Tbls butter, and some vanilla.  You melt it till it’s smooth, dip your macaroons, place them on some parchment paper, and chill them for at least 30 minutes… yum yum!                                                                       

Last night TJ and I joined forces with Kyle and Cherie Shropshire, to make some delicous sushi.  We actually have a sushi kit, that we got to use for the first time.  They had got some fresh tuna, and we cooked some tempura shrimp.  We had ingredients to combine;  cucumber, avocado, green onions, cream cheese, we even made tempura rolls, it was great.  Good food, good company, and I learned alot!  I think I could now make sushi on my own, not that I’m any kind of expert, but now that I have been mentured a little bit, I feel like I could actually begin to work on the special art of making sushi.