The day we arrived, getting used to cousin Ezra
Having fun with Uncle Del!
Pretty Lady!

She looked so beautiful!

My friend Bo… it was so good to see her!

Someone made her an apron to eat lasagna in

My new friend Lindsey Bogart

I took this for TJ so he could see what I looked like since he wasn’t there
Dinner with the Grandparents

Great Grandma Dorothy and Grandpa Bob Griffith (to Ava)

Hang’n out with Mormor

We had a lovely breakfast with Auntie Suzy!
Brookie, with her graphic design show… love that girl!
Hunting for eggs with Uncle Barry

Being silly at DiCicco’s Pizza for dinner

My mom (Noni) loved having Ava around
Ava, in her own seat on the plane, such a big girl-playing with our neighbors phone
Last week was a wonderful week.  Ava and I ventured out together on an airplane to California.  I was really nervous about flying by myself with Ava, and she was a bit of a chore, but it really wasn’t that bad, especially on the way back she did great, if she was as good as that last flight, I would never be worried about flying with her again!  
As you know from my last blog, I felt a conviction about sharing my faith with someone, thank you to those of you who prayed.  Things didn’t go quite like I planned, I made efforts to share with this person, but got shut down in a way… basically another time is going to be a better time.  But I did learn that this person had already accepted Christ as their savior!  I felt so relieved, so excited that they have a relationship with our Father above.  But I couldn’t help, but feel I had failed in a way, even though I know I did all I could have for this situation.  I do know that God put this person on my heart and I have been praying for them for a long time, and maybe that was part of what God was using me for, I’m not sure, I don’t know all of God’s plans.  Maybe He was teaching me how to just trust Him for what he was doing, because quite frankly I worried about this a lot, and had to eventually just give it to God and trust him for what he was doing.
We had a lot of fun.  Ava spent  a lot of time with my mom, and my dad also had a lot of fun playing with Ava, it was a blessing to have gotten to spend the time with them.  I was there from Wednesday to Wednesday.  Thursday I got the privilege of spending some time with Julie (the bride). Friday and Saturday I spent doing wedding stuff, which was fun, and a little tiring.  Julie looked so beautiful, it was one of the most beautiful weddings I have been to, it being outside in the hills of the Sierra Nevada’s by a small lake, and the reception being in a barn.  Congratulations Julie and Noah, on your new life together! 
  I worried about leaving Ava for such a long time on the wedding day because she won’t take a bottle, but my mom took such good care of her, she was fine of course, they did come to the wedding as well.  I got to know Lindsey Bogart, one of the girls in the wedding party, she has a 2 year old little girl, who is too cute, she’s a quality girl, and I’m glad to know her better.  I saw a lot of people I hadn’t seen since highschool.  It’s interesting seeing people from that phase of my life, considering the fact that when I was in highschool I worried a little more about what the cool people thought of me.  And there was a part of me that jumped right back to that insecure place, and then there is another part of me that is a wife of an amazing husband, mother of a beautiful little girl, and a growing servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I am thankful for where God has brought me.
We enjoyed spending time with Mormor, breakfast with my Auntie Suzie, part of an evening with Brooke (Matthews) and Jesse Farnsworth.  My brother Barry came to Fresno for a night  and hung out with us… it was fun to see him, but we missed his sick daughter, and wife.  We enjoyed spending time with Del, Arielle, and little cousin Ezra.  We hung out with my brother bobby for a couple days until he headed out to Texas to fight the fire.
All in all it was a wonderful trip, and am now happy to have a home and husband to come home to.